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TG-520, an innovative and creative HOME GYM we are proud to offer!! This model is able to add ADJUSTABLE CABLE FLY, LEG PRESS AND VKR, depends on personal preference, you are able to choose what additional functions would like to add……do you know how many combinations can be?   

It is EIGHT in total!!!


  • Robot welding, neat and smooth touch on frame and surface  
  • Strong frame, main tube dia. at 101.6 x 44.5 mm, suitable for deep strength training 
  • Double bearing on high pulley and both sides of cable fly; you can do training for  free angles without boundary
  • PVC dipping on handgrips of chest press & leg press, deluxe boxed, trimmed  upholstery and high quality accessories to match up high quality machine  
  • Three positions are available for seat pad adjustment, quick and easy to choose  preferable seat height you like
  • Other than height adjustment, seat pad is also able to be removed to create a friendly workout environment for disabled user 
  • High durability of nylon cloth, art of simplicity and elegance 
  • Complete nailed fixation design, you may fasten up the machine quickly at home 
  • Optional function Leg Press can be assembled on left or right side according to your home space 
  • Optional function VKR can be folded to allow an easier and safer chin-up 

TG 520

  • Model    Product Size(cm)

    • TG-520    133x107x208
    • TG-520 + fly    133x145x208
    • TG-520 + leg press    153x185x208
    • TG-520 + VKR    218x107x208
    • TG-520 + fly + leg press    153x204x208
    • TG-520 + fly + VKR    218x145x208
    • TG-520 + leg press + VKR    229x185x208
    •  TG-520 + fly + leg press + VKR    229x204x208
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