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All of Proteus Cardio products are designed for fitting the best Ergonomics.

The philosophy of designs & the concept of design were considered products durability & reliability, user-friendly interface that allow user to use them easier.

Our achievements is not only to build products but consider full-dimensional such like our products in more fashioning & build them based on the most severe technical safety regulations.


In Strength Training categories we built quality Selectorized;

Plate-Loaded; Cable Motion; Benches and Racks.

The full range machines provide variety opportunities for any level of users to be trained as efficient whole body training.  

Proteus Strength Training categories are included the basically home use training machine, all the way up to full commercial training equipment, either for single-user training or group training.

They are built the best Ergonomics combines outstanding performance for fitting any precisian users & helping to reach your fitness goals.

Full completely accessories series to

provide a wide training capabilities for helping users to

achieve the goals.

All of Proteus products are designed for fitting the best Ergonomics.

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