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Proteus Fitness Building

Founded in 1984, Proteus is now a world leading company, providing sporting goods and fitness equipment to OEM/ODM customers and distributors.with manufacturing plants in Taiwan & China, proteus now has over 80 agents distributors globally.


Proteus has been developing & producing equipment for more than 20 years. We are also affiliated with zeta & co., ltd. Who is well known in the auto parts industry & industrial components industry for the past for 25 years.

Our expansion into china. Allows us to refine the production and management systems that are already in place to ensure that we meet or surpasses our own high performance goals. We have added a quality control division and increased personnel, to improve and streamline our organization in order to stay ahead of demand for quality fitness equipment.

It is our continued commitment to rigid quality controls throughout the design and production process that guarantees the supply of high performance and super reliable fitness equipment.

Proteus quality range of "exclusive club" fitness products are made to strict european standards and sold to over 80 countries worldwide.

Organization and structure

At proteus, our engineers use state of the art technology to develop new concepts in fitness equipment. Combined with the highest quality manufacturing, proteus can offer innovative designs for today's fitness conscious consumer. 

Proteus Fitness

Teamwork advance r&d

Leading innovation Proteus is engaged in the development, design, manufacturing and

marketing Of sporting goods and fitness equipment for oem / odm and international

Distribution. Our fast business growth and continuous progress in new product development, have made us the one of the world's leading innovation of related products.

Teamwork advance r&d

Design innovation


Artwork layout in house
Proteus' artwork engineers put ideas into practice. Using the latest software, design concepts become reality right here in house.

Proteus' marketing & sales team understand your requests: reliable quality, durable products, competitive price, improved stock turns, real after sales Service....... Etc.

Logistics backup

In time shipment Our global logistics department always informs you of the

latest shipment Information to and draws this to your attention

before you have time to ask or e-mail that memo. 

Strict Quality Control

Inspection standardmil-standard 105e-ii / aql: 2.5 - 4.0. 
Defects classification

All defects that create a risk of injury or that are Contravening mandatory against regulation.

All defects that prevent the sale of the item ( item not Complete, item broken, bad functioning, important visual Defect, ........)

All defects that reduce the value of the item.

Non Conformity Defects 
All differences regarding original specification or sample for reference or conformity sample remarks ( packing, packaging,product, design, color, size, shape, markings .etc ). Only our valued customer has the authority of accepting or refusing the defect.

Never compromise

Proteus' quality control staffs are authorized to emergency stop and ignore factory pressures, once they can not compromise the quality on site.

Proteus invites your long term relationship & we will grow your business Together for a positive & mutually growing experience.

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