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  •    What is the difference between home/residential grade products and commercial grade products?

Generally speaking, commercial grade equipment is manufactured using stronger/heavier materials than home/residential grade equipment and can accept heavier weight and more aggressive use. 

Residential equipment is designed for constant use for up to 3 hours a day in a home environment by individuals. Note that there is a wide range of quality for residential equipment, from entry level to high end. Higher priced residential fitness equipment tends to be constructed of higher quality materials resulting in better overall quality and robustness. 

Commercial equipment is designed for 6 or more hours a day of constant use in an institutional/commercial environment (public gyms, hospitals, universities, for example). Equipment designed for up to 6 hours of daily use is termed Light Commercial or Light Institutional. Equipment designed for over 6 hours of daily use is termed Full Commercial.

  •   Do you have a catalog?

​Our site works as our online catalog. We try to add products regularly to give you the best possible selection. It would be difficult to for us to keep a printed catalog current.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for at please email us at or call one of our sales representatives at 886-2-2609-3940 for assistance.

  •   I've lost the Owner's Manual for the piece of fitness I have. How can I get replacement?

Please complete our “user manual” stating the model you have and we will send you back a copy of the manual in pdf format, free of charge. (Subject to availability of older products.)

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